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AP Scores!

My AP Scores came in the mail today! Yours probably did too, so you should check.

May. 17th, 2007

That was the single most amazing episode of the Office I have ever seen.

Grey's Anatomy, however...

Breaking ... out in hives

I'm actually really excited for the APUSH test tomorrow (in 9 hours). It might be because I have such low expectations that I can only do better than what I'm expecting (which is somewhere in the realm of -25), or that we're wearing newspaper hats to the test, or that I think it'll be fun to take a test where there's no pressure and I may not know everything and I may be completely clueless, even, but then I can just write about the DFP or whatever. We'll see how it goes, but things are looking good.


Pomona it is! I think visiting Dartmouth, while I'm sure it would be beautiful, is unnecessary because I've pretty much already decided. I just feel bad turning down an Ivy League without seeing it first, but whatever, it's just some athletic conference thing.


I am definitely excited to figure that out. Although I do feel bad saying "No, I'm not going here..." and all that. But saying yes is exciting too! I'll do that one last.

My spoon is too big!



(P.S. I'm not actually expecting an answer. Although if you have advice, feel free!)

Mar. 29th, 2007

So of all the Ivy Leagues I applied to, I was only accepted to one. At first I was kind of dubious about Dartmouth, but I've been looking through the website they made for people that were accepted and it's really exciting. I think I wouldn't mind going there, although I should probably visit first... we'll see what happens with Pomona, I guess. Otherwise, maybe Harvey Mudd. At least most of the wait is over...


Okay. So, if you watch Grey's Anatomy, can you try to answer a question for me? I'm looking for the name of the song that was playing during the preview for tonight's episode. If you want to, you can watch it (and hear the song) here:

It's going to drive me crazy if I don't find out the name. I feel like I've heard it before. Thanks.

Feb. 28th, 2007

I love Veronica Mars. The season finale was the best episode this season, in my opinion. Although I TOTALLY, 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT CALLED THE TWIST AT THE END. A LONG TIME AGO. GILLIAN SHOULD REMEMBER. BECAUSE I CALLED IT, AND WAS RIGHT. Awesome.

That aside, though, I have also made it one of my life goals to see both The Daily Show (with Jon Stewart) and The Colbert Report live. Preferably on the same night, or at least in the same trip because the same night would basically be impossible. Still, they are both amazing. I don't know how long they'll last though, so I've decided that I should do it soon. Therefore: I will have seen them both by September 1, 2008. Yes I will. Check it.

Perhaps the low point of the day (debatably) was when my car, which has been having transmission problems, refused to shift into drive for about 15 minutes at the gas station. It goes in reverse, but not forward for some reason, which kind of sucked. So I was sitting there at the gas station for awhile. Finally I revved the engine enough that it lurched forward though, so I got home eventually.

Here's your gun, Timmy

Well, I am probably going to precede Martha in saying this, but you are all lame. You missed out on some good stuff. If Fido ever comes to theatres, be sure to see it.


I forgot to turn in FAFSA to all of the east coast schools, and CSS to almost everyone... I hope I am not completely screwed. That would suck.